ACTA Members

IEC Enterprises
A strategic diversity consulting and training firm specializing in assisting clients with developing strategies for Creating, Assessing and Managing a diverse workforce.

Innovative Leadership Solutions
A leader and team development firm providing leading-edge organizational and individual development that maximizes the potential of leaders and employees.

Cobblestone Consulting, Inc.
Cobblestone Consulting celebrates more than 11 years of excellence in building business solutions on powerful technology platforms and leading customers down the path to “Smart Business.” We deliver cutting-edge Process and Project Management Solutions through our innovative, creative and collaborative design and approach, consistently solving business problems within Microsoft SharePoint, Business Intelligence, Project Portfolio Management and Training.

ADI Marketing, Inc
A B2B Sales Support Organization that enhances your opportunity to be sitting in front of the decision maker of your choice. In addition to supporting your marketing efforts, we conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey's, Increase Seminar Attendance, Perform Market Research and Construct Targeted Databases. Our motto is "Filling Your Sales Funnel." Why should you be chasing the decision maker, when you can be sitting in front of them? ADI Marketing trains and consults on effective prospecting, messaging and selling your ideas.

Data Dome
Data Dome represents 155 of the most advanced and objective employee assessments, and makes recommendations based on the customer's specific needs and goals. Our expertise in applying these tools - strategically, effectively, and ethically - assures maximum benefit to your organization. Optimize your workforce, improve communication, reduce turnover and retain your best talent.

Interactive Advantage Corporation
With over 15 years of experience in providing course development and training services to fortune 100 companies, we have helped many organizations realize the benefit and value of their eLearning initiatives.

WrightWay Consulting, Inc.
When organizations are confronted with challenging questions of real world leadership, WrightWay Consulting is the answer. We develop leaders and organizations that achieve and sustain high performance through: organizational and leadership assessments; strategy assessment and development; leadership development; webinars; and keynote addresses.

Desir Group Human Capital Management
In the healthcare world, it’s hard enough finding someone with the right resume. But how do you identify that one individual who really does fit your organization, your culture, and your team? That’s where the Finder/Keeper Strategy comes in. It’s based on a unique, relationship-driven approach that lets us work more closely with both you and the candidates. It’s how we’ve achieved one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry.

High Performing Systems, Inc.
High Performing Systems (HPS) is a leader in using a systems approach to help people, teams and organizations improve performance. Founded in 1984, HPS has provided consulting, coaching and training for people and organizations around the world. Clients are Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and a diverse group of public, private and international firms.

Our Results
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased profit
  • Improved individual and organizational productivity
  • Increased setting and achieving of personal and organizational goals
  • Improved utilization of time
  • Improved attitudes and motivation of employees
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Increased satisfaction with personal lives